Dirito Industries, LLC
The Competition
There are seven major problem areas with these other devices. The FishFink Bite Alarm/Strike Indicator
solves these problems by using new technology developed and patented by
Tony Dirito.  Fisherman will
no longer miss fish showing the slightest interest in the bait under any conditions.

  • Competition: most importantly, is that as you adjust the sensitivity for increases in environmental
    conditions; such as wave action, current, tides, and wind, they all lose proportionately, the ability to
    sense the fish showing the slightest interest in the bait.  Basically the fish has to nibble on the bait
    hard enough to get past the environmental condition’s sensitivity adjustment for which the device is
    set at.
  • FishFink: patented, electronic circuitry uniquely (and accurately) discriminates between the
    toughest environmental conditions and the fish showing the slightest interest in the bait.  No other
    bite alarm or strike indicator has this capability.  That is what makes FishFink so unique.

  • Competition: most of these other devices are bulky and won’t easily fit inside a tackle box.
  • FishFink: will easily fit inside a tackle box or shirt pocket.

  • Competition: some require using their own specialized rod holder, making it difficult to set up; for
    example, you can’t use a rod holder designed for the ground from a pier or boat.
  • FishFink: no special rod holder is needed, since the device is directly mounted on the rod.

  • Competition: some are flawed in the way the fishing line has to be attached to the device by
    threading the line through (or over) channels and hooks, then taking the line off once a fish is either
    on (or showing) interest.
  • FishFink: fishing line is quickly attached and detached from the device.

  • Competition: some not all line sizes can be used.
  • FishFink:  accepts any size line.

  • Competition: some cannot be used with most types of fishing rods and reels.
  • FishFink:  will work on most fishing rods and reels.

  • Competition: some are designed for only certain species of fish.
  • FishFink:   is designed to work on all species of fish.
Only one bite alarm/strike indicator is designed to solve all of the above design flaws.  Only
one bite alarm/strike indicator outperforms all the competition in the most critical category.  
No loss Of Sensitivity As Adjustments Are Made For Environmental Conditions!
That Only One Is FishFink!
Hi-Tech Electronic Bite Alarms/Strike Indicators
Made In USA