Dirito Industries, LLC
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Hello Out There To All My Fishing Crazed Friends,

I want to tell of a fine product I had the good fortune to field test in the American River by Sacramento, CA for trout,
and in the Sacramento Delta for striped bass, sturgeon, and catfish.  I’ll make this short and sweet, no other

product works as well as the Dirito Industries FishFink bite alarm.

As most of you, I’ve used the old standby bell as a bite alarm, only to have them scratch my rods and go flying off
on a cast.  I hate how they would sound off when I’m reeling in my line.

I’ve had them and other bite alarms fail to detect a sturgeon on my line that revealed himself by jumping out of the
water with my yellow Stren line trailing behind him!  About all you can say about them is that they are cheap.

I’ve recently purchased a ZEBCO Hawg Seeker rig with a bite alarm built into the reel.  It works if the fish really hit’s
your bait hard, but failed to go OFF, with good site seen bites, on its most sensitive setting.  The same results
happened to another fishing friend who also bought the ZEBCO Hawg Seeker outfit.

The good news is the Dirito Industries FishFink bite alarm works great under all environmental conditions, be it a
light bite, like a trout or sturgeon in a howling wind, or really strong current.  All you do is adjust to the conditions by
turning a simple knob.

If you're like me and love to fish, and want to set down your rod to eat a sandwich (sure to cause a bite), or get out
of the cold, in your car, The FishFink works great and is easy to set up and use.

C.K. Icanberry
Sacramento, CA
Made In USA
Hi-Tech Electronic Bite Alarms/Strike Indicators