Dirito Industries, LLC

The concept of the FishFink hi-tech electronic bite alarm/strike indicator was conceived
while Tony Dirito was fishing from the shore of Port Costa in the Carquinez Straits of San
Francisco Bay for striped bass and sturgeon.  It was an unusually windy, cold, and foggy
January morning with sporadic rain and a lot of tidal movement, so Mr. Dirito decided to
build a fire.  In order not to miss a fish, Mr. Dirito had, in his possession, three bite
alarms/strike indicators and installed the first one (the old standard fishing bell) on his rod.  
Between the wave action, current, tides, and wind, the bell constantly went off.

Immediately, Mr. Dirito removed the bell and the second bite/strike indicator was installed.  It
was a mechanically operated device with an environmental sensitivity adjustment switch and
a battery to power a buzzer.  With the wave action, current, tides and wind increasing, the
sensitivity switch was adjusted until the device stopped sounding.  While gathering firewood,
a heavy gust of wind set the device off--another adjustment of the sensitivity switch followed,
driftwood was gathered and a fire started.  After fifteen minutes, it was time to check the bait,
and while doing so, Mr. Dirito noticed a large bullhead was on the line--but the device

The third bite/strike indicator was installed on the rod.  It was also a mechanically operated
device with an environmental sensitivity adjustment switch and a battery to power a buzzer.  
The sensitivity switch was adjusted, driftwood was added to the fire and bait was checked
again fifteen minutes later.  This time a small sand shark was attached to the line
the device sounding.

What was happening--with the other devices--was the sensitivity switch for the environmental
conditions was set at a level where a fish had to nibble or bite hard enough to get past the
threshold of the environmental conditions for which the indicator was set.  So off came the
third device, out went the fire, and Dirito’s index finger became the bite alarm/strike
indicator.  While using his index finger, noticing and analyzing how all of the environmental
conditions put different tensions on the line--opposed to that of a fish nibbling on the bait--he
thought there had to be a way to measure those differences (after adjusting for environmental
conditions) without losing the sensitivity to pick up the slightest sign of a fish showing interest
in the bait.
Through years of development Dirito Industries has the solution, FishFink.
Made In USA
Hi-Tech Electronic Bite Alarms/Strike Indicators