Dirito Industries, LLC
Do you REALLY like to spend all day staring at your rig when
you go fishing, looking for that movement of the rod tip, signaling
that a fish might be or is showing interest?  How many times
have you been fooled by that movement that it wasn’t a fish but
some environmental condition such as wave, wind, current, or
tidal action?  Now you no longer have to watch your rod tip or be
fooled when you are.  Let FishFink monitor your rod tip for you.

Our patented technology discriminates between all
environmental conditions and a fish showing the slightest
interest in the bait.  No other bite alarm or strike indicator has
this capability.  FishFink converts line stress and motion, rod
deflection and vibration into electrical signals that are processed
through a discrimination circuit. When the right combination of
line stress and line rapid motion occurs, the discrimination
circuit triggers the alarm to alert the angler.
This technology is what makes FishFink so unique, along
with all it's other advantages!
Why Do You Want FishFink On Your Rig?
Superior Design Features
saltwater to light freshwater and ice
  • Works on all species of fish
  • Extremely compact / weighs just
    2.4 ounces (battery included)
  • Quick and easy to set up and
  • Does not require any special
    rod holder
  • Casting or reeling in fish can be
    done with alarm/indicator on rod
  • Use from shore, docks, piers,
  • Variable volume & tone controls
  Benefits Of Use
  • Precisely monitor every bite/strike
  • Catch more fish
  • Have more fun
  • Never miss another bite/strike
    while teaching or helping the kids
    to fish
  • Helps the beginner or novice
    fisherman learn to recognize a
  • User able to enjoy other tasks while
    fishing: taking in the view, reading,
    eating, sunbathing, talking with
    friends, not having to constantly
    monitor their rod
Hi-Tech Electronic Bite Alarms/Strike Indicators
Made In USA